Print & Play Games

What do I need to play a Print & Play game?
Our print & play games all require a printer and a device you can use to connect to the internet (Mobile, Tablet, Computer etc). Some of our print & play games also require a Facebook Account in order to access certain functions.

You can view our games here.


How many people do I need to play the Print & Play games?
We recommend playing with a minimum of 2 players, with a suggested maximum of 6 players to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.


How long will the Print & Play games last?
Our print & play games have a suggested gaming time of 1 hour, but this may vary depending on skill level. However, they all come with the freedom to take it at your own pace.


What happens if I can’t solve the games?
We want everyone to enjoy our games to the fullest – if you need a little helping hand we’ve created helping hand clueing tools that are provided as part of your game.


Print & Play Gift Vouchers

What is the difference between a Print & Play Gift Voucher vs an Escape Rooms, Gift Voucher?
Our Print & Play Gift Vouchers are exclusively valid for the following games:
  • Stolen
  • The School of Magic
  • The Treasure of the Aztecs
  • Murder at the Mansion
  • Level Up
  • Day of the Dead
  • The Murder on Christmas Eve
  • A Curious Tea Party
  • Robot Rescue
They are not valid for Escape Rooms or Outdoor Games. To purchase a Gift Voucher for our Print & Play games, click here.

For Gift Vouchers that are valid for our Escape Rooms or Outdoor Games, please purchase here.

How much do your gift vouchers cost? We currently offer two types of Gift Vouchers:
  • Print & Play Game Vouchers - Only valid for Print and Play games. $29 Purchase these here.
  • Standard Experiences - These vouchers are valid for Escape Rooms and Outdoor Games. (exc Download, Print & Play) Starting from $50. Purchase these here.

How long do you gift vouchers last?
Our gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

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